It’s a love-hate thing?

I have some links here to recent articles that I have written in and around the topic of music.

In this tiny Dan Deacon show review for, I focus on the iPhone/Android app he developed to accompany his performances. Here, I nudge Horse Feathers frontman Justin Ringle into a discussion about the folk scene in Portland. And then I revel like a slobbery super fan about the St. Vincent/ David Byrne performance in Vancouver last Friday. 

In and around the topic of music. Despite a coming-of-age’s worth of wholesome Rolling Stone Magazine consumption, I’m still navigating music journalism in a hungry way.  And I’ve always got more than one mouth to feed. Every interview or performance review is another exercise in exploring the practice of writing about music in the first place. It might just come down to the challenge of describing art while it is in motion. A hell of an impossible task. I’ll prod at the sides until I figure it out.